An Open Letter.

Dear Business Owner/Marketing Manager,

Imagine what it would be like for your company if you were ranking on Page 1 of Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

Your profits would skyrocket, your phones will not stop ringing, you’d feel secure in this uncertain economy.

So ask yourself, are you sick and tired of spending money on advertising campaigns that cost more money than they bring in? Have you had enough of the “gurus” that don’t even run their own businesses?

Then stop waiting, and looking around, and let our Proven strategies and tactics work for you.

Our SEO Strategies have already helped hundreds of businesses like yours increase their organic search traffic and build their revenue – sometimes by more than 500%, that’s a 5x increase.

Here’s how it works, you submit an enquiry form, and one of our client experts will contact you to schedule a consultation session. During this time, we will do the assesment and audit of your website, and your competitors. By the time we meet you, we will be able to give you a clear, detailed plan on how we’re going to proceed with your campaign, and quote you based on your business, your goals, and your industry (some industries are more competitive than others).

If you like what you hear and see, you sign up with us, and make your first payment.

We don’t do discounts, and our prices are not cheap, so we always suggest going to a few other agencies before making an appointment with us.

Most of the time, we are tasked to fix campaigns for clients who had a bad experience with an agency that could not deliver.

So go ahead, take the first step, and get your campaign started.


the strategist always kills the tactician

The difficulty of any SEO campaign depends on the level of competition. Like going in to battle; we carefully assess the terrain, size up your competitors and put together a strategy that will slaughter the competition and leave them screaming for mercy.

Speak To An Expert


With this in mind, we don’t just rush into selecting keywords and blindly start implementing tactics. Every business and industry is different, so we approach every SEO campaign with a custom approach and follow these 3 steps to ensure we slaughter your competition, everytime.



We do a complete audit of your website internal structure, indexation behaviour, and link portfolio. After that, we do a full competitor analysis – research your competitors, their weaknesses, their most profitable keywords, and their strengths.



Now, with all the information we have, a careful strategy is crafted that exposes your competitors’ weaknesses. A plan is then put in place – to close the Gap, and then, crush the competition.



A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself. This is where we go a few extra miles further than your typical agency. Our team violently executes the strategies to achieve phenomenal success for you.


Not all search listing on page one of Google are the same. So while you might be running Google AdWords and making a killing, you’re leaving money on the table. The average Click Through rate for Adwords is 2% (Conversion Masters, January 2015) So, If you are relying solely off Google AdWords for your traffic, you are missing out on 85% of the traffic running through Google, which is from SEO

Some Brands That Trust Us.


  • Claire Wong-Jacobs

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with ESM and seeing our organic traffic and leads grow over the months. ESM has performed reliably and has consistently gone above and beyond. The results speak for themselves.

    Vishnu Priya, Royal Group
  • Claire Wong-Jacobs

    We’re ranking higher for many of our most important keywords, and we continue to partner with them today because of the tremendous results we’ve seen! Also considering partnering with ESM for google adwords.

    Wong Kuan Keong, Shaw Holdings
  • Claire Wong-Jacobs

    I haven’t worked with an SEO agency this structured and organised, really appreciate their approachability and responsiveness. It has made my work a lot easier. I’d say definitely great value, glad to have a team to trust!

    Yvette Phang, Entrepreneur


The first 60 Minutes of our consultation is FREE. Our experts will be fully prepared with custom plans for your business BEFORE the meeting. We will definitely not be wasting your time, and we hope you value ours too.